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Key Stage 3

The Curriculum
The Key Stage 3 National Strategy is an important part of the Government's agenda for transforming secondary education which builds on high expectations and a commitment to meeting the needs of every child. The challenges at Key Stage 3 are particularly demanding. These are vitally important years for laying the foundations for life-long learning and influencing the crucial decisions pupils will make at age 14. The Key Stage 3 Strategy is designed to support schools to address the learning needs of 11-14 year old pupils. Everything the Strategy offers is capable of local tailoring and selection, so it offers choice as well as challenge.

Our aim is to enable pupils to see that mathematics provides a way of viewing and making sense of the world, to appreciate how it can be used to analyse and communicate ideas and information effectively and to tackle a range of practical tasks and real life problems.

We aim to encourage all pupils to be curious about scientific processes while building a firm foundation of scientific knowledge. Pupils are encouraged to ask questions, devise experiments, investigate problems and arrive at appropriate conclusions. They also learn how to select and use scientific equipment.
Personal, Health, Social Education
High priority is given to encouraging the values and attributes, which enable the children to take their place as caring members of society. An awareness of personal safety is included as part of the curriculum. The importance of citizenship is stressed. Health and Safety projects are introduced throughout the school. Various speakers are invited to make contributions.




















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